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The Joy Network engages youth through literacy by forging connections of communication, service, leadership, and lifelong learning with their peers, their families, and the elderly.


I especially enjoyed serving on “Letters to Grandma.” Hearing the stories and getting to know the senior citizens was an amazing time.

Ayanna Sims Volunteer

The Joy Network has strengthened the way I communicate. My vocabulary has increased and my empathy and confidence have grown.

Neola Cunningham Volunteer

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Our Core Values

Empathy - Effective communication begins when we can place ourselves in another’s circumstances.

Relationships - At The Joy Network we try to foster healthy relationships between the youth and the elderly.

Character - The Joy Network encourages reading that can lead to strong character development.

Struggling Readers K-12

Gwinnett County 2nd Lanauge Learners

Adult Struggling Readers

Senior Citizens Among Us

Gwinnett County Elementary School

Our school wishes to express our appreciation and gratitude to The Joy Network. Mrs. Fisher provided great care in teaching English to our students who are new to the United States. She is approachable, knowledgeable, and innovative. Our students benefited greatly from her program!

ESOL Educator


The Joy Network

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