Intimacy with God in the Great Outdoors

  • Intimacy with God in the Great Outdoors


    Ephesians 3:17 (NLT)

    Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.

     Devotional Reading:

    Are you finding some intentional time to let Christ “make his home in your heart”? This does happen through the intentional Bible Study and prayer that are the traditional ways of connecting with God. But, it can also happen in personal and creative ways.

    Don’t fall into the mistaken and confining thought that God only shows up in your church and in your quiet time room. He does do that, and you must let worship with believers in church and personal time with the Lord in your quiet time room be the habit of your heart and life.

    But, God can show up in more ways than that. Here are some creative outlets for you to experience intimacy with God.

    A Walk

    Take a walk in a park or at a pond or lake and watch the creatures that God has created experience the life God made for them.

    • See the birds fly and chirp.
    • Watch the squirrels run and jump and gather.
    • Notice the butterflies flutter and land and sit.

    How do you see God working in the tranquility of the park or lake? What does that teach you about how He works in your life?

    People Watching

    Sit at a bus stop or in a parking lot or at a busy intersection and watch the people.

    • What do you see on their faces?
    • Imagine what may be going on in their lives?
    • Do they look content in life or lacking?
    • Can you see Jesus in anyone or is He not present or hidden?
    • What does God teach you about people through this kind of exercise?

    Run for Your Life

    Go for a walk or a run. Notice the solitude of what is going on in you.

    • What does your heartbeat sound like?
    • How is your breathing quickened?
    • How does your body feel?
    • As you exert your body by walking or running, what do you learn about exerting your heart and soul for the Lord?
    • Does it feel good to get the blood running quicker through your veins?
    • Does it hurt?
    • Are you honoring God with the temple of your body in how you are exercising and eating?
    • What does God want to teach you through that?

    Rain Fall

    The next time it rains, find a dry, quiet place to watch the rain fall.

    • What does the rain teach you about God’s provision?
    • What do you see in the people caught in the rain?
    • Why does rain sometimes come with lightning and thunder and other times a slow, soaking rain?
    • What do you learn about God from watching the rain?

    These are just some examples. Find other ways to encounter the Lord outdoors.

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